In Guatemala after the U.S. intervention to overthrow the democratic government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán, advancing 10 years of revolutionary government is destroyed and begins a fierce persecution against trade unions and social organizations.

The counterrevolutionary role of the government and the admission of the base of the Helvetia, a U.S. base in order to run the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba , provokes the indignation of some military middle managers who attempt a coup in order to restore national dignity , the motion fails and the rebels are forced to take refuge in the Sierra Madre , there are the members of the Guatemalan Labor Party , refugees also by repression and this coincidence , provides a basis for armed struggle , then springing the Guatemalan revolutionary movement.

During the internal armed conflict , the military and the oligarchy of Guatemala , tested a number of strategies to subtract base and social support for the revolutionary movement , many of which were delineated directly by the United States under the cold War and especially by the so-called “School of the Americas.”

Among them , for its rawness and savagery, highlights called ” Scorched Earth Policy ” that , unlike the military strategy of scorched earth , which assumes the burning of crops and animals in Guatemala that extends to the slaughter and extermination of entire populations . In itself , scorched earth stands Guatemala Genocide.

While the frontal attack on the village is marked general trend from the Slaughter of Panzós under President Kjell Eugenio García Lauguerud and rages during President Romeo Lucas García ( period within which the burning occurs Embassy of Spain and the immolation of peasant leaders ) , the scorched earth takes shape and exacerbates their savagery during the government of General José Efraín Ríos Montt.

This documentary includes testimonials that time , ending human suffering not because, although the war ended, still not finished digging all the victims of genocide and ends with a warning that becomes increasingly effective as that the conditions of hunger, poverty, exclusion and repression that led to the armed conflict , have not been overcome but, on the contrary, you recrudecidas .

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